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last call

“Painfully beautiful”

- The Montreal Mirror


Aug 23 – Sept 2, 2006

*Winner - MECCA award*

Best Actress

Presented as part of the New Classical Theatre Festival in Montreal in 2006 at the Monument National, and again as part of Victoria, B.C.'s UNO Festival, May 23 – 27, 2007.

Written and Performed by Holly Uloth O'Brien, Directed and Dramaturged by Alison Darcy. 

Stage Managed by Kathy Daehler, Sound Design by Holly Uloth O'Brien. Set design by Alison Darcy and Holly Uloth O'Brien.

Cast: Holly Uloth O'Brien

Photo credits: Paul Chambers. Actors: Holly Uloth O'Brien

Last Call is an evening spent with Celia, a 36-year-old, down-and-out alcoholic. The play is set in her favourite bar where she pounds the unpredictable jukebox, and tries to coax free drinks from the staff and patrons. Truthful and raw, Last Call is motivated by the real story of a woman losing control of herself. Celia laughs at the tragedy of her own life while you bear witness; she’s that sad woman at the bar that corners you, that doesn’t stop talking and just won’t leave. She carries with her the intolerable grief of the person gone, the one she could have been. After a while, the party girl isn’t just partying anymore. But hey…if you can’t laugh, you’ve lost so much already.

The play was lauded for its strong, uncompromising tone, as well as the way it navigated poetic language and crude irreverent humour. Celia is not asking for handouts, pity or forgiveness. She’s here to tell her story in her own arrestingly honest way, showing us how we’re all prey to our desires and self-destructive impulses.

“Last Call’s loser makes great theatre” - The Montreal Gazette

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