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LIfe is a Dream

“Lyrically staged … Apergis gives a fierce, mesmerizing performance … Director Darcy is rapidly developing into one of the finest directors in the city, visually aware and adept at drawing fine performances from her well-chosen cast."

- Montreal Gazette

Oct 22 – Nov 1, 2008

*NOMINATED for 3 MEccA Awards*

Best Costume Design, Best set, Best Ensemble.

Centaur Theatre's Brave New Looks Selection, 2008/09 Season.

By Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Translation by Edwin Honig, Directed by Alison Darcy, Assistant Directed by Joseph Shragge.


Stage Managed by Melanie St-Jacques, Set and Lighting Design by Sarah Yaffe, Costume Design by Jenna Wright, Original Score and Musical Direction by David Oppenheim.

Cast: Andreas Apergis, Peter Batakliev, Julian Casey, Dusan Dukic, Zach Fraser, Mathieu Girard, Gemma James-Smith, Julie Tamiko-Manning, Leni Parker, Donovan Reiter.

Musicians: Dusan Dukic, Paul Gareau, Leon Lo, David Oppenheim, Donovan Reiter, Aaron Shragge.

Photo Credit: Andreas Apergis as Segismundo.

One of the classics of Spanish theatre, Life Is a Dream was written by Spanish Baroque playwright Pedro Calderon de la Barca. The play follows the young prince Segismundo, who has been imprisoned since birth because of ill omens predicting his violent, inhuman nature. When the king decides to give his unfortunate son a chance to prove himself, Segismundo’s rage over his imprisonment takes over and he wreaks havoc on the court. He is soon returned to his prison and convinced that his time at court was a dream. But when a  group of rebels free him in an attempt to bring the rightful prince to the throne, Segismundo must struggle to overcome his anger and resentment and become a true king.

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