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“By far one of the most alarming and beautiful pieces of theatre that I have ever encountered in Montreal.”

– The Hour

Oct 21-30, 2010

*WINNER of 2 MECCA Awards*

Best Independent Production, Best Actress - France Rolland

Centaur Theatre's Brave New Looks selection 2010/11.

By Euripedes, Adapted by Joseph Shragge from a literal translation by Andreas Apergis, Directed by Andreas Apergis and Alison Darcy, Assistant Directed by Joseph Shragge, Original Composition by Brian Lipson.


Stage Managed by Melanie St.Jacques, Musical Direction by David Oppenheim, Set & Costume Designer: Amy Keith, Lighting Designer: David Perrault-Ninacs, Assistant Stage Managed by Michael Panich.

Cast: Andreas Apergis, George Bekiaris, Stefanie Buxton, Dusan Dukic, Diana Fajrajsl, Elijah Flomen, Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Gitanjali Jain, Alex Ivanovici, Maurice Podbrey, Thomas Rolland Apergis, Melissa Trottier, Lindsay Wilson

Musicians: David Oppenheim, John Dodge, Dusan Dukic

Photo Credit: Holly Gauthier-Frankel and Gitanjali Jain as The Chorus

Hailed as one the best Montreal productions of the decade, and winner of the 2010-2011 MECCA award for Best Production, Scapegoat Carnivale’s Medea debuted to sold-out audiences at Montreal’s Centaur Theatre in October 2010. 

Inspired by Greece in the 1920s, a tumultuous post-war period when the country was left with an influx of Greek refugees from Turkey. This marginalized underclass adopted the music known as Rembetika, a mournful music often compared to American blues. The chorus, singing Rembetika, highlights the play’s theme of displacement, and creates a modern setting for this mythical and harrowing domestic drama.

Medea is one of the most influential and accessible of the Greek tragedies. Its plot revolves around the fallout that occurs when the classical hero Jason leaves his wife Medea for King Kreon’s daughter. Medea, after being exiled by the King, has one day to plot her revenge against Jason. That day is filled with dark machinations, political upheaval, and tragedy.

Video credit: Paul Shore. Featuring France Rolland, Thomas Rolland Apergis and Lucas Rolland Apergis

“Darcy and Apergis are an impressive directing team. This production … with its catharsis-delivering synthesis of dramatic elements, is far too good to be limited to a brief, nine-day run at Centaur. It should tour, nationally and internationally.” - Montreal Gazette

“It is such a privilege to have a theatre company like Scapegoat Carnivale that is willing to take this big a risk and pull it off.” - The Rover

“The production is a well-rounded, memorable, tour-de-force.” - McGill Tribune

Year end round up mentions:

“Scapegoat Carnivale’s recent production of Medea was a sold-out hit. (Never underestimate the sex appeal of Greek tragedy.)” - Montreal Gazette

Selected as #4 in the “Best of the Decade”

“Already my pick for the best show of 2010, this electric adaption of Medea combined the talents of dozens of Montreal’s best artists…” - The Rover

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