FEBRUARY 15, 2021

20h ET

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Feb. 16, 2021  - Feb. 16, 2022

Faced with the uncertainty of living in a pandemic and the repeated closures of theatres, Scapegoat Carnivale co-Artistic Directors Alison Darcy and Joseph Shragge initiated an online writer's room to explore the theme of prophecy as it relates to today, and create a series of digital performances as artistic responses. The group includes artists from Montreal, Vancouver, Mexico City, and Los Angeles.


The word prophecy is an ancient Greek compound meaning to tell in advance, but in its long and varied history, prophets have also served to criticize authority, admonish nations, and convey divine messages through frenzied performances. We are approaching prophecy as a conduit for our fellow artists’ deep anxieties and hopes, their intuitive responses and visions of the world to come.


Participating artists include: Alexis Diamond (Montreal, QC), Mary Jane Gibson (Los Angeles, CA), Gitanjali Jain (Mexico City, MX), Julie Tamiko Manning (Montreal, QC), Alexander Nemser (Los Angeles, CA), Omari Newton (Vancouver, BC) and Conor Wylie (Vancouver, BC). Production and Dramaturgy: Alison Darcy and Joseph Shragge.

The ancillary project Pocket Prophecies will feature short text prophecies, ruminations, and anecdotes, by writers from here and abroad including Claire Jenkins (Melbourne, AUS), Mike Glazer (Los Angeles, CA), Michael Mackenzie (Montreal, QC), Thami aka Mbongo (Johannesburg, SA), Johanna Nutter (Montreal, QC), Rebecca Singh (Toronto, ON) and Anders Yates (Toronto, ON).

Graphics by Claudia Leblond



On February 15, 2021 at 20h ET, please go to one of the following links to join in on the live stream of our 7 featured videos, then return here to read up on the artists, watch artist interviews, view a commissioned painting, and check out our ancillary project, Pocket Prophecies. You be able to rewatch any video and visit our donate page. 

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clockwise from top left, ending in centre: A.Diamond, O.Newton, J.T. Manning,

MJ Gibson, Conor Wylie, A. Darcy, J. Shragge, G. Jain, A. Nemser.