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Pocket Prophecies Artist


(Montreal, QC)


Johanna Nutter (elle, she, they) is a euro-settler Montreal-based performance maker, translator, educator and curator devoted to authentic and subversive storytelling. Her work has toured in both English and French throughout Quebec, across Canada, and to Scotland, England, and Belgium. In 2016, she formed creature/creature, consolidating her passion for negotiating the delicate spaces between people, subjectivities, and artistic practices. Current collaborations include STRIKE/THRU with Algonquin art star Nadia Myre (up next at the MAI in June 2021), BARBED WIRE by Siminovitch-nom Annick Lefebvre, and solos OSCAR: girl gone wilde (with Joseph Shragge) and TREE HUG, translated by Penelope Bourque. She is the founder of Espace Freestanding Room and former curator of Centaur’s WildSide Festival.

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