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Associated Artist


(Montreal, QC)

Video and Sound Design


Juana Rubio is a Colombian-born filmmaker based in Montreal. She taught in the Communications and
History departments of the Sabana and Javeriana Universities for 7 years, and directed episodes of several
series for Colombian public television. Since completing her Master’s degree in Communications at UQAM,
she has been working in collaboration with other media artists. Voces Berracas, which she co-directed with
Marion Chuniaud in 2018, was selected for the San Antonio Independent Film Festival in Ecuador and Ojo
al Sancocho in Colombia, and her sound composition Ça qui est là, was awarded the Special Jury Prize at
the 2016 Sennheiser Canada Competition. Her 2019 thesis film Alicia dealt with notions of uncertainty and
identity through use of experimental sound design, themes she wishes to continue exploring in future work.

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