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“Nothing short of operatic.”

– The Charlebois Post

Oct 12-20, 2012

*WINNER of 9 META Awards*

Including Best Independent Production

Centaur Theatre's Brave New Looks Program selection for 2013/14. 

By Euripedes, Directed by Andreas Apergis, Adapted by Joseph Shragge from a literal translation by Andreas Apergis. Assistant Directed by Joseph Shragge. Original Composition by Brian Lipson, Music Direction by David Oppenheim.


Stage Managed by Todd Bricker, Set Design by Francis Farley, Costume Design by Susanna Vera, Lighting Design by Erwann Bernard, Choreography by Leslie Baker, and Sound Design by Peter Cerone.

Cast: Delphine Bienvenu, Hugo Dann, Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Karl Graboshas, Jessica B. Hill, Gitanjali Jain, Greg Kramer, Alex McCooeye, France Rolland, Melissa Trottier, Paul Van Dyck and Brett Watson.

Photo credit: Gitanjali Jain and Jessica B. Hill as The Bacchants 

First performed in 405 BC after his death in exile, The Bacchae is Euripides’ last play and greatest accomplishment. Dionysus, the god of wine, returns to Thebes to take revenge on the young law-and-order king Pentheus, who has refused the god’s divinity, imprisoning anyone who practices his orgiastic rituals. What follows is a psycho-sexual, metaphysical game of cat and mouse, where hunter and prey are inverted on the way to tragedy.

This new adaptation is inspired by early 19th century American revivalism, a period of new religion and ecstatic worship, whose legacy still remains in North America.


Blood on the Stage, 480 B.C. to 1600 A.D.: Milestone Plays of Murder. Mystery and Mayhem By Amnon Kabatchnik - Here.

“This is Greek myth with its guts hanging out: lurid, visceral, and strangely beautiful.” – Midnight Poutine

Clip taken by The Montreal Gazette, Featuring the cast.

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