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Welcome to our new website

As we gear up for a new season with the WORLD PREMIERE of Hrosvitha of Gandersheim's play Sapientia this August, we are launching our brand new website!

This play has been years in the making.

Our Co-Artistic director Joseph Shragge first brought the idea of adapting this never before professionally produced 1100 year old play to Mia van Leeuwen (website:, a Winnipeg based performance artist and director (whose work we first discovered when she was the hit of the 2011 Montreal Edgy Women Festival with her solo show La Petite Mort).

Her first development period on this show was in Dr. Stephano Muneroni's Theatre and Religion graduate class at the University of Alberta, where she introduced the Object Theatre style to the piece. This led to a successful exploratory run at Edmonton's Canoe Fest in 2014 and an collaborative article which will soon be published.

The next incarnation was in 2015 with aztec theatre & Theatre Incarnate in Winnipeg. After this Mia joined us in Montreal, along with a few designers and artists to develop ideas for our iteration of the show. A new draft of the text was adapted by Shragge from a literal translation from the Latin by McGill Classic's professor Lynn Kozak, a set design was created by Vancouver's Robert Leveroos and a score was originated by Montreal's Joseph Browne. With the help of performers Robert Leveroos, Anthony Kennedy and Lar Vi, along with Co-Artistic Director Alison Darcy, we explored the many options presented to us using the techniques taught by van Leeuwen. We are so thankful to all of these artists who came together to help us create the vision for this upcoming production!

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