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Supporting the Movement

It has taken us a little while to find the words, the thoughts even, to express our condemnation, sadness, and outrage.

As an artistic company we strive for our work to reflect the world we live in, and our world is on fire. We are obligated to speak up, to have an opinion and to present it back to the society we engage with - that is the role of the artist, and our responsibility as human beings.

We acknowledge that we may have hurt others by creating work that was not our story to tell. We need to be ever vigilant in looking at our own behaviour and actions, and challenging others when they engage in racism.


We support and love our friends and neighbours in our theatre community, city, province, country, world who are aggressed, endangered, oppressed, and abused because they are black, indigenous or people of colour.

We condemn the unfathomable anti-black statement that Quebec does not have systemic racism. We encourage everyone to support #BLM, to back our friends in our own community and seek out the ways we, ourselves, are contributing to this illness that pervades our society.

We encourage fierce compassion and the tearing down of all systems that oppress.

Please consider following the links below to contribute to important causes and learn:

-Our friends at the Quebec Drama Federation (#weAreQCTheatre) have created an amazing round up of resources:

-BLM’s list of ways you can help:

-Amnesty International’s petition - Demand Justice for George Floyd:

-A more US focused google doc by @botanicaldyke, the National Resource List :

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