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Thank you Wildside. Now on to YEV!

Our stint remounting Sapientia at Centaur Theatre's Wildside Festival was a whirlwind. What a great opportunity for us to bring the show to new audiences, to hone the work even more and to get us in touring shape! We'd like to thank Eda Holmes, the Artistic Director of Centaur Theatre, for inviting us to be a part of the festival after seeing our show this summer at Mainline Theatre. We were so happy to share the stage with all of the wonderfully curated shows in Wildside 2019! Our original team got back together, and we even managed to get our director back in town for a few days during rehearsals. It's a rare thing to revisit a show, but to do it with the exact same team and get to continue its development is magical.

The show sold really well and we got great feedback from our audiences. Click here to read a new review from Montreal Theatre Hub. Thanks again to all the audiences who came out in the desperate cold to see our work, and especially to those who came for a second time!

And a quick week and a half later we are getting our next show YEV into rehearsals. We start rehearsing on Monday, Feb 4 and open March 14 at the Montreal Arts Interculturels (MAI). It runs Thurs-Sun until March 24. Please check out our show page for more information.

We can't wait to share this next production with you. It has been in the works since it was first developed as part of Infinitheatre's Playwriting Unit in 2014 (along with Michaela Di Cesare's Successions which premiered at Centaur Theatre and Stephen Orlov's Birthmark which Teesri Dunya premiered at the MAI, both last season, among other wonderful plays). We did a number of workshops (Shout out to Modern Times Theatre's Peter Farbridge for his invaluable creativity and talent!) and was invited to be a part of the National Arts Centre's program The Collaborators which offered us development time in Ottawa as well as continued support from the directorship and the group of artists the program has assembled nationally. We are very proud and honoured to be a part of this program among such esteemed Canadian artists.

We hope to see you at YEV this March. I was about to say 'this Spring' but who are we kidding?


The Goats

Wildside festival 2019 Lineup

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